Protection of innovation and branding becomes relatively more difficult as their importance increases in today’s world. Every prominent trademark or innovation, which is the brain child of a visionary who has invested heavily in the venture, is under risk. While product quality, successful promotion and commitment to service attract picky consumers to a certain brand, they also whet the appetite of people with malignant intents. Thus, the brand or product becomes vulnerable to imitation as soon as it hits the market after a heap of investment.

We are here to offer our consulting services aiming at eliminating all the risks threatening your painstaking efforts and investments

Hedef Patent is your professional solution partner since 2003 with a view to protecting and enhancing your investments in your company and products, offering consulting services for registration and documentation of Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs and applications for Government Support both at home and abroad



The application send to the Turkish Patent Institute takes a code number in 2 months. After that the trade mark is searched in 8 to 10 months. After that procedure your trade mark which is puplished in the Official Trade mark Gazette for 3 months, will be definete if there is no objection. Your trade mark registration document will be send to your name in 2 months on condition that the official fee of registration which is required by Turkish Patenr Instıtute and which has 2 months time to be paid, is deposited to the related bank. The information about the procedures will be send to you as soon as we are informed by Turkish Patent Institute.
It takes 12 to 14 months to send a Trade mark Registration Document from the application date.

Renewal period of a trade mark registration is 10 years from the application date. There is an unlimited protection time on condition that it is renewed once in 10 years.


1- Certificate of activity issued by the Chamber of Commerce at the applicant's domicile.
2- Power of Attorney (Simple Signed- It is enough to mail )
3- Sample of the Trademark
4- Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address
5- Class List that Wanted to Register



The application will be examined in three mounts by Turkish Patent Instıtute. Industrial designs are not examined for resamblance with previous applications. Examined aplication is puplished in the Official Industrial Design Announcement for 6 mounts. At taht while if there is no objection application will be settled to registration. A design registration document is received in nearly 12 mounts after application.

An Industrial Design application should be renewed ones in 5 years. An Industrial Design application should be renewed once in 5 years. Application can be renewed for 5 times in total. Overall protection period is 25 years.


1- Power of attorney
2- Picture of the product (8x8 size 16 piece)
3- Certificate of activity issued by the Chamber of Commerce at the applicant's domicile.
4- Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address


A code number for your application will be given in nearly 2 mounts after your application and we will ask your patent to be searched by a company abroad. Patent search request is to be done in 15 mounts after the application and after the request in 3 mounts the search fee must be deposited and the required documents must be send to the Turkish Patent Institute. After the search request, we will request an early puplication for your application and in 5 mounts application will be pulished.
By the arrival of search report, report will be examined and all the patents releated to the subject will be considered. On condition that the patent is required to be examined patent, it should be required to be examined again.

Protection period is 20 years for examined patent.( it’s 7 years for non-examined patents) Renewal fee must be paid for each year for the maintanence of protection

1. Description
2. Drawing
3. Power of Attorney
4. Certificate of activity issued by the Chamber of Commerce at the applicant's domicile.
5. Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address